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Kaleen Community Hall . 30 June 2018


Party at the Casbah!

The bellydancers of Canberra will once again be joining forces to put on a spectacular show. This time raising funds for DVCS (The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever) and the Canberra Chapter of BACA (2018 Shimmy Mob), two great organisations who do important work supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

You can grab your Hafla tickets online until the 20th June.
Now Extended to 1pm 29th June.
Head to the Bookings page or go direct to Try Booking.











Family (2x Adult + 4x U18)



Youth (12-17)



Under 12






NB: A 30c/ticket booking fee applies.

Applications for Performers are open now and close on the 13th June. Please make sure you check through the Performance Expectations before applying. Your Hafla Coordinator, Fran, will be in touch after the 15th with your performance time. If you are Volunteering and Performing, please make sure you note that on your Volunteer Application.



As an inclusive community, acts from dancers of all levels and ability are welcome so long as they meet the following requirements.

Polished Performance: Accidental solos do happen, but there is an expectation, particularly with group pieces, that you will have practiced together enough to create a polished, and well-rehearsed look.

Costumes: It is expected that you will have put some thought and effort into your costuming. The costuming should well-reflect the style of your dance, and when dancing in a group, there should be some cohesion in your overall look. Ironed skirts, hair looking great, stage make-up on - you know the deal.

Pre-Performance Call: You'll be expected to be performance ready 20 minutes before you are scheduled to perform, and ideally stay to the end of the Hafla to support other performers.

Contact with the Coordinator: You'll need to nominate someone to be your contact person. That person will need to read emails and complete all the music and performer list requirements, including updating the central google doc with your act information when and where required.

Performer List: You will need to provide an estimate of performers in your group. Names for the door, on the google doc, must be finalised by the 20th June. You'll also need to let us know if you have performers dancing with other groups or as a soloist.

Music: Music must be provided via DropBox or Email before the 20th June. You will need to be able to provide Composer and Artist information according to our APRA License requirements.



Contact Name:

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:

Performer Name:

Act 1 Title:

Act 1 Style:

Estimated Number of Performers in Act 1:



Act 1 Duration:

Act 2 Title:

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Estimated Number of Performers in Act 2:



Act 2 Duration:


Yes, we have performers in the Shimmy Mob.


Yes, we have performers dancing in other Acts.


Is there anything else we need to know?

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Email the Organising Team for information and enquiries.

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