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Kaleen Community Hall . 30 June 2018


Get Ready to Raq the Casbah!

There are four great workshops on offer for our first year of the Canberra Casbah. As a thank you to the Canberra bellydance community for all their fundraising efforts, these workshops are ridiculously inexpensive!

2018 Workshops

Seeing Double: Double Veil with Jacquie
Taste of Tribal with Nicole
Balancing Baladi with Renee
Act Development and Stagecraft with Rachel

Places are limited and bookings close on Wednesday 20th June.
Now Extended to 1pm 29th June.
No bookings on the day.

You can head over to the Booking page, or click through to Trybooking via the Workshop Descriptions.

Remember that Volunteers get a discount!

Seeing Double: Double Veil with Jacqui.
2:45-4:15pm. Level: Continuing-Advanced


One of the most recognized and beautiful Bellydance props is the veil - used to reveal and frame the dancer, add mystery, romance and elegance. In this workshop you will double the drama, learning to dance with not one, but two veils.

Through a short choreography, we will explore intricate double veil technique and transitions with focus on how to structure your dance to build suspense, show variety and take your audience on a journey. Suitable for continuing to advanced dancers with some veil experience.

Bring your veil/or veils if you have them. There will be some available to borrow (for a gold coin donation) if needed.

Specialising in Arabic and Turkish styles of belly dance, Jacqui is recognised as a polished and skilled performer with over 10 years experience, cementing a comprehensive knowledge of Middle-Eastern music and culture. Her performance style is vibrant, feminine and polished, incorporating creative and clever use of props including assaya (stick), wings, veils and fan veils, zills, swords, tea tray and shamadan. Her warm and engaging style has established her as the resident dancer in numerous Middle-Eastern restaurants in Canberra and the choice performer for birthdays, weddings, engagements and other celebratory occasions.



Taste of Tribal with Nicole.


American Tribal Style Belly Dance (also known as ATS) is a modern style of improvised bellydance created by FatChanceBellyDance director, Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman. The connection and interaction between dancers is a dominant part of the style and is one of the most enjoyable and fun aspects the dance.

This fun workshop is all about dancing together. You'll learn a few of the basic tribal belly dance moves and how to connect them in this joyful improvised dance form.

Nicole started belly dance in 1994 with the Raqs Sharqi School of Egyptian Dance, co-founding and performing with the Roving Raqs Sharqis folkloric belly dance troupe from 1998-2004. In 2003 she had her first experience of tribal belly dances and  fell in love with the style. She began studying tribal belly dance and tribal fusion with Fiona MacPherson performing with the Tribalista Sistas from 2005-2014.

In 2014, she formed Gypsy Dreaming with long term dance sister Wilma Russell performing at major events around NSW and the ACT. An avid student, Nicole has continued to study ATS completing General Skills and teacher training in 2015.



Balancing Baladi with Renee.
Level: Continuing - Advanced


Raqs Baladi is seen as the jewel of Egyptian Bellydance, and a must have in every dancers repertoire. The earthy and grounded style focuses on intricate hip and torso movements and less on arms and footwork, making it a more stationary style. It mesmerizes audiences through the dancers connection and engagement with the music.

While baladi is beautiful on it's own, the style lends itself well to adding a balancing element in the right setting, which demonstrates an extra level of skill and control of movement. In this workshop we will explore how props such as shamadans (candelabras), tea trays and swords can be used compliment a traditional Baladi and add that little something extra to captivate your audience.

Bring a sword, shamadan, tea tray or cane to balance.

Renee is an experienced oriental dance artist with a passion for exploring the emotion, story and culture behind Middle Eastern melodies and dance. Her engaging and whimsical performance style is evident through her specialty in baladi and dancing with balancing props and veils. Renee brings a sense of community, fun and creativity to her workshops, pushing the boundaries to create new and exciting ways to learn and refine technique in a relaxed and inclusive environment.



Act Development & Stagecraft with Rachel.
4:30-6:00pm. Level: Open


When you step off the stage, what do you want your audience to remember you for?

This workshop will lead you through the process of Act Development, exploring the steps to establishing a confident and captivating presence that can exude a range of emotions.

You’ll have the opportunity to work on your stage face, develop characterisation, learn how to draw attention, engage with your audience, use the stage space and play with energy levels.

This workshop will be theory heavy, so make sure to bring a notebook and pen.

Rachel is a well known, high energy, engaging, cheeky and emotiver performer. Grounded in Oriental and Cabaret belly dance, she experiments in fusion styling and has developed her own special blend of showgirl inspired fanveil technique which she has taught at various festivals throughout Australia, and continues to teach at the Canberra Dance Theatre. With years of performing experience in various genres and styles, Rachel has the presence and on-stage confidence we all aspire to achieve.





Open: Everyone is Welcome. Beginner to Professional.

Beginner: No Experience Necessary. Novices and Beyond.

Continuing: Assumed understanding of basic Bellydance technique. Continuing Beginners/Intermediate and Beyond.


Email the Organising Team for information and enquiries.

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